As we reopen our dental office, we wish to share with you how we plan to keep our staff and patients safe and how we hope you can help.

How we're keeping you safe:

  • We are pre-screening every patient at least once via telephone, as well as upon entry to the office regarding any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.
  • We are taking the temperatures of every staff member and patient to come into the office.
  • We are wearing masks at all times and our building is permitting only one person per elevator.
  • We are staggering our schedule to prevent crowding in hallways and waiting room areas.
  • As we always have, we are thoroughly disinfecting each operatory and following Universal Precautions. As dental professionals, we have always been subject to treating contaminated surfaces for all sorts of pathogens, so this is an easy transition for us. We have also implemented a new system to allow disinfectants to sit on surfaces for an hour before using the operatory again.
  • We are installing a high-speed evacuation system called Isolite to reduce aerosols.
  • Our doctors, hygienists, and assistants are wearing additional PPE to protect themselves and our patients.
  • We are cleaning common areas such as the bathroom, front desk, and waiting room throughout the day. We have also removed magazines and newspapers.
  • We are following all ADA and CDC guidelines and keeping up with the latest news and recommendations provided.

How you can keep us safe:

  • Be available for pre-screening phone calls before your visit.
  • Come to your visit on time. This is important so that we can stagger patients accordingly to avoid as much overlap as possible.
  • Come to your appointment alone (if possible) to limit the number of people in the office. Please let us know if you need someone to come with you, such as an aide or caretaker.
  • Call the front desk upon arrival to appointment. We may ask you to wait in your car or outside of the building to allow for physical distancing between patients.
  • Wear a mask upon entry to the building.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands upon entry to the office.
  • Allow us to take your temperature with our touchless infrared thermometer and answer all screening questions.
  • Reschedule if you feel ill or come in contact with anyone showing symptoms in the 14 days leading up to your appointment.


According to the NPR article published on July 6th, "NO cases of COVID-19 traced to dental offices so far. Despite these potential risks, the good news is that both the World Health Organization and the CDC say there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 transmitted in a dental office so far" (See link below to read the complete article).


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